It may the beginning of cervical spondylosis.

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It may the beginning of cervical spondylosis.

Specialist doctors advise fans of the series to change their posture. While watching. May reduce cervical spine injuries. Because if you sit and stare at the screen for a long time. Risk of degenerative cervical disease in the future 

That currently he is seeing an increasing number of patients coming in for treatment with neck and shoulder pain. And what’s interesting is that the age range has decreased. The most common cause comes from sitting and staring at a computer screen. Or mobile phone for a long time Especially at-risk groups. Who sit and watch movies in the same position for a long time. without changing posture.

Sit in the same position for a long time One of the causes of cervical spine disease.

     Dr. Sirawit revealed that nowadays most people who use their phones do not have the correct posture. But will bend over and play on the phone for more than 2 hours, whether it’s working. Or watching different series takes quite a long time to watch. And in the wrong posture For example, we will watch a series each time. It takes quite a long time to watch. Whether in a sitting position or a lying position without changing posture. They all cause pain in the body from incorrect postures. As a result, inflammatory cells occur and the body begins to look for help. By drawing in calcium from the blood to heal the area of ​​injury. When we are in the same position repeatedly. Without changing the posture until it became habitual behavior Resulting in degenerative cervical spine disease.

How to prevent osteoarthritis in the neck

     However, it is recommend that If you need to watch a movie or series. It’s better to watch on television than on a mobile phone or tablet if you can’t avoid it. May need to be supplemented by using a phone stand. Or hold the phone at eye level. Where it can easily seen. without bowing your head To reduce the force exerted on the spine in the neck and should sit with a straight back with a back or headrest. It will help reduce the force acting on the spine even more. But even after changing the correct posture Sitting and looking at your phone for more than 2 hours is also likely to cause neck pain. Therefore, you should get up and move. Or change your posture while watching? And you should not stay in any one position for a long time. Or you should rest your eyes every 30-40 minutes by looking away. Or plan to watch the series strictly as specified. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet