When should you wash your hands?

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After touching various dirty things such as trash cans, soil, sand, public objects. That are full of germs and bacteria, wash your hands will help clean and eliminate these germs body.

Before eating or touching food, when using contaminated hands to pick up food. Those germs will contaminate and enter the body with the food. And if the hands have been accumulating germs all day. There will be a huge number of germs and it is also easy to risk food poisoning.UFABET  

During the rainy season or winter when colds and flu spread easily. It is important to wash your hands more frequently to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of germs.

Before and after caring for or having close contact with patients, not only does it prevent the spread of germs from patients. But germs that may stick to our hands also make it easier for patients who are already weak to get additional infections.

Before and after treating the wound, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent germs from entering the body through the wound, and wash your hands again after completing the treatment.

After changing a diaper or cleaning a small child on the toilet. Did you know that human and animal feces are full of germs? Just a small gram contains trillions of germs. Washing your hands thoroughly can greatly reduce the chances of germs spreading.

After using the bathroom, the bathroom is a source of many dangerous germs. Therefore, washing your hands properly after using the bathroom is very important.

Always after coughing , sneezing, or blowing your nose to prevent spreading germs to others.

Wash your hands every time you come into contact with any animal or animal waste. And wash your hands after feeding your pet.