Argentina beats Ecuador 3-0 in Copa America

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Argentina beats Ecuador 3-0 in Copa America . Competition Cup , Copa America 2021 Round 8 teams “blue and white” Argentina’s tactical encounter with Ecuador at Estadio un Olympic Pedro Ludovic Vigo, Brazil, on the morning of Sunday 4 July.

Argentina beats Ecuador 3-0 in Copa America

opening the game for 14 minutes. The “Blue Sky Army” had the first chance of the game, Lautaro Martinez, a good shooting star who got the ball into the penalty area before touching Hernan Galindez, the Ecuadorian frontman. Then hit the first post, but Robert Arboleda blocked it in.

time for the 22nd minute, Argentina almost again. Lionel Messi dragged into a duel with Hernan Galin. Dez the goalkeeper Before hitting with the left, the ball flew past the body. But hit the base of the pillar and bounced out unfortunately.

In the 25th minute, Ecuador had a chance as well. Angel Mina got the ball in the right-hand penalty area before opening it back for Sebastian Mendez to run and shoot with the right without touching Emiliano Martini. Nez had to smash it out in.

the 40th minute, “Blue and White Army” continued. Lautaro Martinez slipped into the penalty area before being blocked into the direction of Lionel Messi, quickly paid for Rod. Rico de Paul caught it and threw it into the open, Argentina led 1-0 with the end of the first half with this score.

Returning to play in the second half, 64 minutes Ecuador almost equalized from the moment that Angel Mina opened the ball into the penalty area. Nicolas Gonzalez tackled the wrong angle. That almost inserted the second post into his own goal.