Arteta missed a good deal from ‘Timber’ after a long injury

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Mikel Arteta reveals Arsenal missed out on many benefits from the absence of Gerrion Timber, who has been injured since the start of the season.

Arsenal signed Timber from Ajax for a fee of £40 million. Last summer And had to encounter bad news after he suffered a serious ACL injury in the opening game of this season against Nottingham Forest.

Recently, Arteta has come out to update the news that the 22-year-old Dutch football player Close to being able to return to the field again and talking about the quality of this player that they have missed out on.

“First of all. His leadership, his versatility, his quality in different positions. Especially in the rhythm of playing offensive games. His ability to maintain space is something no one else in the team can do like that,” Arteta said. สมัคร ufabet

“You can tell he really fits in with the team. He is well liked by many of the kids on the team. And he is our biggest loss,”

when asked about his recovery. “He is doing well with the physio and the medical team are happy with his attitude and determination. Especially with what happened.”

“It’s no coincidence that what he applied to himself, his determination, his desire to do his best, was what he wanted and brought him to this place. Excellent point.”

“Now we have to take good care of him. Because it is the final stage of such a serious and complicated injury. But I think he’s on the right track.”