De Ligt admits Netherlands eliminated because of his own mistake

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Netherlands centre-back Matthijs de Ligt has admitted to being eliminated at Euro 2020 at the hands of the Netherlands . The Czech Republic was due to his red card.

The 21-year-old was doing quite impressively against opponents’ attackers when the score was 0-0, but that all changed in the 52nd minute when he slipped and pushed the ball away with his hand. As a result of Patrick Chick,

the referee initially decided to hand him a yellow card, but after VAR looked at the shot carefully. therefore reversed the original verdict and changed to a red card instead Because de Ligt’s body is the last defensive player that blocks between Chic and the goalkeeper.

“Of course it hurts,” De Ligt told NOS TV after the game.

“Honestly We lost this game because of what I did. looking back I shouldn’t let the ball bounce. I felt we had control of the game and had a fair chance. especially in the first half

“I don’t have the feeling that Cech has created a lot of goalscoring opportunities. But obviously the red card made the difference in this game.”

Czech Republic Leverage the advantage 17 minutes after De Ligt’s red card with two straight goals from Thomas Holes and Patrick Schick, the Netherlands immediately sent home.