Dias teases Bernardo for acting like a Wikipedia.

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Ruben Dias, Manchester City defender names Bernardo Silva his team mate either for the club. Or the Portuguese national football team. As the player he is closest to in the world by teasing the advanced playmaker that. He likes to pretend to know everything like Wikipedia.

The 26-year-old arrived at City in the summer of 2020 and was mentored by Bernardo UFABET . As they are former Benfica alumni, making them an easy match. 

In addition to kicking the ball well, Dias also revealed that. The senior midfielder likes to study knowledge outside the football field until becoming a scholar. 

“You are one of my best friends. Maybe we’re really close.” Opening their mouths on ‘1-Para-1’ podcast. 

“Although we have different backgrounds (Bernardo comes from a rich family). It must be underlined that we have similar views on life.”

“It gives me joy to surround myself with people like that and he is one of them, people who want to have fun every day together.”

“ No matter what topic , whatever reason, we always have the same opinion. So I’m comfortable and grateful to have you around. ”

“ Comparing me to Bernardo ‘s security guard would be an exaggeration. But when does he need to rely on me? It will be use as a screen , a competitor. ”

“That guy looks like one of those. Providence from time immemorial. That’s Mr. Bernardo Silva. But he liked Ed and told him to call it Wikipedia.” 

After helping the Portuguese national team qualify for Euro 2024. The pair will return to serve. ‘ The Blues’ duel Brighton at Etihad Stadium this Saturday (21 Oct. )