Gary Neville has lauded England winger Raheem Sterling

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Gary Neville has lauded England winger Raheem Sterling’s performance at Euro 2020. According to the Manchester Evening News.

The 26-year-old from Manchester City, who won the Premier League last season. He has become the only player in the Roaring Lions to score against their opponents at the moment. He was the one who scored the winning goal in the game against Croatia and the Czech Republic. which they won 1-0 in both games.

Despite the criticism lately, Neville said Sterling was one of the players with the most consistent performance for club and country.

“He’s a key player for the England national team. Raheem is also one of the people at Manchester City in the last three or four years who has been in excellent form. Both his goals and assists have been at a high level when playing for the national team and Man City.”

“It’s the level he’s done at Liverpool, you could say he’s been inconsistent with what you’ve seen last time. But what Pep did to him at Manchester City is without a doubt. Now he’s become one of the best players on the left,” Neville said.