Hazard insists it’s better to retire if money comes before happiness.

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Former Belgium winger Eden Hazard has admitted that playing professional football is no longer his happiness. Therefore, he chose to hang up his boots. Because it is difficult to tolerate playing for money but without satisfaction.

Hazard, after being released by Real Madrid. Announced his retirement a few weeks ago. On Wednesday night (local) traveled to play a charity football match in Calais, France, scoring 1 goal, three assists.

In which the 32-year-old exhausted star player reiterated that UFABET . He could not continue to play football at a high level without passion. 

“I always said I would stop playing football early. If there is no more happiness on the racetrack.” the opening statement through ‘Laveniere Sport’

“I don’t want to go abroad or play anywhere just for the money.”

“So it is the best solution. I don’t enjoy training anymore and I don’t play anymore. The decision was as simple as that.” 

“In life, you can’t explain everything. Let’s just say I follow my heart. and then be happy.”

“There’s a lot to do besides football. I like to choose to calm my heart.” 

In the charity game where there was hardly any pressure yesterday, aside from Hazard. There were French icons like Robert Pires and Didier Deschamps as well.