Jurgen Klopp reveals Liverpool have all the weapons – believe Salah is tired.

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Liverpool team manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference before meeting Manchester City (10 April) that the team is ready at full battle rate. But there was little homework to ignite goalscorer Mohamed Salah’s fervor since 2022.

Salah suffered mental damage, attacked until the performance was sluggish. After a disappointing run in the African Cup of Nations final. The 20 -goal top scorer in the UFABET league netted just one goal from open play .  

Observing the 54 -year -old. Of course, is trying to encourage the Egyptian star to regain his footing in the top-flight betting game. Continuing the championship in the end.  

” Everyone is fit and ready to go on the pitch. ” Jurgen Klopp said.

“ Glanced at my smartphone a moment ago. Everyone seems ready to compete. ” 

“ In the case of Salah, I don’t know what kind of media outlets have made it about him – but my personal opinion is that the last battle was tough , six 120 -minute kicks or something like that. But such things are not written on point. I can’t really see where it’s hidden. ” 

“ But I admit that yes, the big game, the veteran is important. ” 

“ It doesn’t matter who you put on the pitch. But the big game experience is one that I take into account. ” 

Salah has played 13 times against Manchester City in his career , losing six ( W4 D3 ) , scoring seven goals , providing three assists.