Laporte revealed Deschamps never responded to his messages.

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Laporte revealed Deschamps never responded to his messages. Aimeeric Laporte has retaliated after Didier Deschamps insisted he had never been contacted over a request for the France national team, until the Manchester City star decided to play. Give Spain at Euro 2020 to end the hopeless wait by default.

Laporte revealed Deschamps never responded to his messages.

“I don’t know why Deschamps said he never received any messages from me, although six years ago I sent him a message myself. but never got a reply,” the Bluesail Star told The Guardian.

“Maybe he changed his number? or lost the phone Buy a new phone? I don’t know that one, but I’m sure it’s a text message back to the number he called before.”

“I look forward to a full response. Because it is a heartfelt message about the hopes of playing for the French national team. But when everything doesn’t go as you think, you have to let go. Maybe I wasn’t important in their eyes from the start.”

“Of course, waiting for a chance with the France national team has always meant a lot to me. But in the end, I think we should give more importance to those who really need us.”

“Honestly, I don’t want to think or say that the France national team doesn’t want me to be part of them. But commend the Spanish national team instead. Thank you for believing in and daring to bet your future with me without any doubt.”