Lothar Matthau teases England gives Sancho citizenship.

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Lothar Matthau teases England gives Sancho citizenship. Lothar Matthaus, German national footballer He criticized the England team for refusing to send the winger of wonder like Jadon Sancho to play in the Euro 2020 football battle, joking that if he wanted to do it, it would be better for the youngster to be naturalized as a German.

“Listen to what I’m going to say clearly, Jadon Sancho has been one of the best footballers in the Bundesliga in the last few years,” Superman said. Kicker:

“We can hardly find a young player in a wing that is as good as him these days. And the fact that Sancho has attracted the attention of big teams around the world. Plus, the price is almost 100 million pounds is the most obvious proof. “

If England sees that he is not good enough to play for you guys. The football federation of our side is ready to give him a German passport for naturalization immediately.”

“I’ll tell you something. To those of us who were watching football in Germany, it was astonishing across the country that Sancho had the opportunity to play just six minutes from the first three of the group stage. Even though the body is perfectly fit”