Manchester City defeated Club Brugge 4-1 in the Champions League

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Manchester City defeated Club Brugge 4-1 in the Champions League Group A on Wednesday.

At the Etihad Stadium it was the Blues moving forward at full strength before missing a chance in the 13th minute when Joao Cancelo dropped the ball past Simon Mignolet crash into a distant pillar.

However, City led 1-0 in the 15th minute, Riyad Mahrez flowed out for Joao Cancelo to slash into Phil Foden, charging intently, sending the ball into the net.

Yet, Club Brugge equalized 1-1 two minutes later, with Hans Wanaken’s first shot saved, Ederson rounded off, and Charles de Keteler slid into a deflected ball on the screen. John Stones own goal.

Manchester City proceeded to attack hard. But the last moment did not pass Mignolet. Especially at the beginning of the second half where Riyad Mahrez fell to save the Belgian goalkeeper.

Until the 54th minute, the sailboat took the lead 2-1. This time, Joao Ganselo elaborately crossed to the far post for Riyad Mahrez to hit the ball alone. He sending the ball into the net with no remains. 

The hosts led 3-1 in the 72nd minute. Phil Foden thrusted for Ilkay Gundogan into the penalty area on the left before cutting into Raheem Sterling’s charge.

In the last minute of stoppage time, Gabriel Jesus scored the closing goal as Manchester City defeated Club Brugge 4-1. That is bringing it to nine points from four games, while the away football team have four.

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