Paul Merson Arsenal legendary blames Roy Keane

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Paul merson, Arsenal legendary blames Roy Keane , the former captain of the Red Devils was really ridiculous to criticize Jordan Henry Anderson ‘s being called the team before the Battle of Euro 2020 will. opening scene.

Paul merson, Arsenal legendary blames Roy Kean

“Jordan Anderson is a footballer who is the most professional. He is important to the team at the club and on the national team. Does anyone disagree with me?” Emerson told ITV.

“Everyone knows that he hasn’t played much at the Euros this year. It was because he had just recovered from a serious injury. As a result, the physical condition is not 100% fit until now.”

“If I’m not mistaken, it seems that Roy Keane had a strong criticism of Henderson before the tournament kicked off. He also said insulting that He refused to be called up to the national team because he just wanted to hang out with his friends in the camp.”

“To be honest, it’s an absolutely ridiculous criticism of the players as you analyze the football game. Besides being full of emotion, prejudice, it also makes you look unprofessional for your job here.”