‘Rashford’ opens up about his mistakes like a human being.

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Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s dynamic young forward, responds to those who doubt his dedication to the club. Ready to explain that he made a mistake only as a human being. But his image was molded by the media to the point that it didn’t match his true identity.

Last season, Rashford scored 30 out of 56 matches in every match and was the top scorer for the “Red Devils,” but this year has dropped appallingly, scoring just 5 goals after passing. 32 games and the team must fight hard for the top four.

“Usually I don’t like to respond to what people say. That’s not the nature of an introvert like me,” the 26-year-old England international said in an interview that was published in the middle of last week.

“I don’t even like talking about myself. Unless we truly know each other So 99 percent of the time I can ignore the criticism. “

But there are times when the line is crossed. And I can’t help but want people to understand who I really am. This is not a backlash against the media. I understand this industry well. But it has some current. This doesn’t happen to every football player.” ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app

In addition to his form on the field, Rashford also encountered the English media revealing scandalous news many times. Most recently, it was going to a nightclub. Until the next day I was sick and couldn’t come to practice. which he continued to explain

“What they write is not their true identity. It’s like creating a ‘Marcus Rashford’ character, and it’s not just a 26-year-old who’s out at night. Or just the young man who received a traffic fine. But they had to speculate about my wages, car prices, diamonds and even my tattoos.”

“The media wanted to write about my body language, question my dedication, predict the future of my family and me as a person. Football players”

“One thing is that football can be like a bubble. I tried my best to stay the same, be normal, and stay with the same group of friends. Even when traveling at night Or take a vacation.”

“But there’s another side of the truth. I am a human being who has many faults. Like many people in their 20s. And I try to learn.”

“At the same time, I sacrificed many things that no one saw. One thing I want you to understand. It’s all money. It is not what keeps footballers playing during difficult times. But it’s only the love of this sport.”

Last Wednesday, Rashford played the full game and was another match that failed to produce a score, even though the team won 1-0 against Nottingham Forest and advanced to round F. A Cup, but he has faced criticism for his body language from senior legend Alan Shearer.

“It’s like someone I’m questioning my identity. And every position I have as a human being…

” Rashford continued , “I’m not a perfect person. When there is an error I will be the first to raise my hand. Then tell yourself you have to do better. But whenever someone questions one’s devotion, That’s when I had to speak. “

I grew up in Manchester and played for United since I was a kid. My family denied me money that would change my life. For me to use this club’s badge ′′

′′ I can accept criticism. and all the news headlines But if you start to question your dedication and involved my family I just want to be more human.”

“I think some of the reasons It’s from the epidemic. I’m just trying to use my own voice. To make sure that children You don’t have to face hunger.”

“For some reason It seems like that put some people off. And waiting for me to have a human moment To point the finger and say ‘Have you seen what the real Rashford is like?’,”

amid heavy criticism. In the same interview, Rashford also expressed his confidence. His team will come back and produce. During the remainder of this season

“But you know what? If I’m truly speaking from my heart… There’s a part of me that doesn’t care. What questions will people have? Because I know the world well.”

“I had to become an adult from a very young age. and have always relied on myself Whenever everything is not going well I’ll take a few days to myself and then

I ‘ll be back okay. The world has yet to see the best of this United team. We want to go back. Champions League and at the end of the season we have a big international tournament waiting for us.

“We will return to where we should be. And just have to keep working. That starts with me… If you support it, it’s great. But if you have doubts It’s even better.”