Richards sends his condolences to Neymar as he recovers from ACL surgery.

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Richarlison gives encouragement to Neymar, a senior Brazilian national team member. To return to the field as soon as possible. When the scan revealed damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The only treatment was surgery.

Neymar , The 31-year-old striker was injured in a World Cup qualifying match. South America zone, which lost to Uruguay 0-2 last Tuesday. When the results of the detailed scan found the most serious case was ‘ACL’ damage. Just waiting to make an appointment to go under the knife. Which would bring the 2023-24 season to a close UFABET 

For this reason, the Tottenham star wants to encourage his seniors to take care of themselves in order to come back strong. 

“Just pray that you can recover as quickly as possible.” Globo Esporte opened his mouth.

“I knew from the beginning that the meeting with Uruguay was difficult. The workload was tough, we couldn’t compete in 2-3 aerial duels and especially collecting the second ball. Competitors took almost all of it.” 

“Now is not the time to complain. The game is over and we lost. From now on, I will go back and do my homework and correct my mistakes. ”  

 We conceded two goals because the full-backs were out of control. I believe head coach Fernando Diniz will correct that mistake for the team to develop. 

The 26 -year – old striker will return to play for Spurs, leaders of the English Premier League , on Monday night (23 Oct. ) against Fulham .