Xhaka vented his feelings after taking Switzerland overthrows France

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Xhaka vented his feelings after taking Switzerland overthrows France. Granit Xhaka, captain of the national team Switzerland Come out to vent in the heart after leading to join the army to overthrow the French national team , shocking the world with a 5-4 win on penalties after a draw in 120 minutes with a score of 3-3 in the Euro 2020 round of last 16.

Granit Xhaka

“I want to apologize to everyone for being rude. But the win in this game is AWESOME!” the Arsenal defender told ufabet .

“Actually, we had a chance to shoot up to lead them 2-0 from the penalty spot early in the second half and finish the game comfortably within 90 minutes, but unfortunately didn’t succeed until we had to win. We had to drag. It’s been this long.”

“After Rodriguez failed to score a penalty. We were all so stubborn, even I was with him. And it immediately results in France turning the game back to dominate.

“Especially after being shot by Paul Pogba from a beautiful distance 3-1 and the opponent is the French national team. The situation became even more difficult. So going back and forth is a huge achievement, it’s showing the world our top-notch characters.”