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Grapefruit and weight loss.

Girls, boys or people who care about their figure may know this fruit very well. Because Grapefruit consists of a lot of water and dietary fiber. Which may be good for weight loss and diet control because if eaten in the right amount, it may

What is an allergic?

Allergic rhinitis is the name of a disease that causes inflammation in the nasal mucosa . It is caused by allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, or animal dander. When patients inhale substances that they are allergic to, they will experience symptoms such as a runny nose, coughing,

Nasal irrigation with saline and allergic rhinitis.

Nasal irrigation with saline solution involves using a nasal irrigation device. Such as a syringe or nasal irrigation head, to push saline solution into the nasal cavity. So that the saline solution helps cleanse mucus, allergens, and other debris in the nasal cavity. And increases moisture in the sinus

When should you wash your hands?

After touching various dirty things such as trash cans, soil, sand, public objects. That are full of germs and bacteria, wash your hands will help clean and eliminate these germs body. Before eating or touching food, when using contaminated hands to pick up food. Those