Gareth Southgate has given an update on Bukayo Saka

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England manager Gareth Southgate has given an update on Wandering right winger Bukayo Saka. Who thinks he will be fit enough for Wednesday night’s Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark.

Gareth Southgate has given an update on  Bukayo Saka

Back in England’s win over Germany in the last 16. The Arsenal star was hit hard by opponents and suffered a minor injury. which does not affect any fitness condition. Unfortunately, the referee pushed more injuries during training, causing him to miss the team’s 4-0 defeat of Ukraine the night before.

However, it seems that Saka’s situation is not so worrying. because the coach is cool Come out and confirm by yourself that there is a high chance that the beloved disciple will start again

“I think Saka’s physical condition is nothing more to worry about. If all goes well He will definitely be ready to play the second-placed against Denmark,” the Roaring Lions coach told ITV.

“After the injury, Saka took good care of himself. In fact, he will force the team in the game against Ukraine. Even though he is not 100% fit. But he is very professional. I also think that resting until complete recovery is the best solution for all parties.”

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