France manager has revealed how to use Paul Pogba’s impressive

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France manager has revealed how to use Paul Pogba’s impressive form in the opening three of the Euro 2020 group stage.

Paul Pogba'

“Paul Pogba is a midfielder with unparalleled talent in every field. One of the most complete players in the world today,” the former Juventus legend told ITV.

“Every shot of the pass he made in this tournament was quality. It clearly enhances the game of the French national team.”

“The important thing is You have to understand first what kind of talent Pogba has. What he good what has been done is not good. Then choose to use the right one at the right time. Especially letting him build his attacking freedom is the trick.”

“This kid has the potential to create an offensive game for the team in countless dimensions. His imagination was limitless.  It is able to switch positions with teammates to find gaps in the goal without the coach having to order. And every movement of every player is linked by Pogba.”