Luke Shaw urges Mourinho to move on

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Luke Shaw urges Mourinho to move on After Jose Mourinho criticized Luke Shaw’s cornering skills in England ‘s clash with the Czech Republic. In the group stage as ‘very bad’, recently referred to some responses.

These two seem to have quite a bad history with each other. After the Portuguese boss once blamed Manchester United ‘s left-back for not playing with his brain and having to be advised by others. Until this time at Euro 2020 , Mourinho still mentioned Shaw twice. He first commented that Ben Chilwell was undoubtedly a better player than Shaw. Before talking about the ability to kick corners again

“It’s time to move on. I myself am trying to do that. But obviously he couldn’t,” Shaw told The Guardian.

“He kept talking about me. which I think is quite strange. Even some friends have come to ask, ‘What’s his problem?’ and: ‘Why doesn’t he keep talking?’ I think he has to move on.”

“I really hope that he will stop worrying about me. Because right now it seems like I’m really in his head all the time.”