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Kai Havertz has warned his Germany teammates

Chelseas player Kai Havertz has warned his Germany teammates to be on the lookout for England as there are many world-class players in the squad. Before the big game of Euro 2020 tonight. “England vs Germany game is very special for me. Having moved to London for about a year now, I have many friends and

Frank de Boer announced his resignation

Frank de Boer, Netherlands national team manager Successfully announced his resignation. After leading the team to lose to Czech Republic with a score of 2-0 in the round of 16 at Euro 2020. The Netherlands team is one of the favorites to win the European Championship this time. From

Gareth Southgate has given an update on Bukayo Saka

England manager Gareth Southgate has given an update on Wandering right winger Bukayo Saka. Who thinks he will be fit enough for Wednesday night’s Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark. Back in England’s win over Germany in the last 16. The Arsenal star was hit hard by opponents and suffered a minor injury. which does not affect any fitness condition. Unfortunately,

Paul Emerson, Arsenal legendary blames Roy Kean

Paul Merson Arsenal legendary blames Roy Keane

Paul merson, Arsenal legendary blames Roy Keane , the former captain of the Red Devils was really ridiculous to criticize Jordan Henry Anderson ‘s being called the team before the Battle of Euro 2020 will. opening scene. “Jordan Anderson is a footballer who is the most professional. He is important to the team